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New Posts My metal detecting finds for 2014 and 2015   Pages: 1 2 Last 212 Bayard1908 Apr/18/2015 05:49 PM
by pcgs69
New Posts new day, new dig. Update 4-16 7 zippcity Apr/18/2015 01:55 PM
by ricko
New Posts Giveaway 5 lordmarcovan Apr/16/2015 12:19 PM
by Bayard1908
New Posts Fairly certain 1st silver of 2015 is a Half Real Spanish Cob! 16 pcgs69 Apr/16/2015 05:16 AM
by pcgs69
New Posts March--2015--Totals 7 pocketpiececommems Apr/15/2015 03:44 PM
by luckybucks
New Posts todays find 7 zippcity Apr/15/2015 06:56 AM
by ricko
New Posts Even without a detector, I've had a good week 10 lordmarcovan Apr/13/2015 04:15 PM
by luckybucks
New Posts private detective 8 demodigger Apr/13/2015 08:05 AM
by ricko
New Posts newspaper token 7 demodigger Apr/09/2015 12:11 PM
by johnny9434
New Posts I'm feeling the pain of detectorlessness, now, but still finding stuff... 10 lordmarcovan Apr/06/2015 11:08 PM
by lordmarcovan
New Posts My 2015 finds worth posting -- updated 4/5/15 16 WhiteTornado Apr/05/2015 12:10 PM
by WhiteTornado
New Posts 1910 admission day medal 14 demodigger Apr/04/2015 03:52 PM
by BenG76
New Posts Anyone year Los Angeles? Sounds like a good upcoming opportunity! 3 pcgs69 Apr/04/2015 10:50 AM
by AUandAG
New Posts A sad loss to the detecting world 4 JohnnyCache Apr/04/2015 08:52 AM
by ricko
New Posts First day find 6 zippcity Apr/02/2015 11:55 AM
by zippcity
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