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German states found in the United States

Dear fellow detectorists and collectors,
as a German detectorist and collector of German states coins I'm always interested where such coins might turn up. Here in central Europe it is not unusual to find foreign 16th to 19th century coins, wich were legal tender in Germany until 1876.
Wich brings me to my question - have you ever found German coins in the US, especially pre 1871 ones? Probably even some coins the troops from Hessen (Hesse) and Braunschweig (Brunswick) may have brought with them during the revolutionary war?

On the opposite site, US coins also made their way to Europe and Germany. Mainly they are post 1930's because either the troops from WWII onwards brought them here or tourists/ travellers lost them. But there are sources from the early 1800's wich mention some few large Cents in circulation here, too.

Best regards

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