Anyone up for some Roosie Talk? - Thread #7

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Hello Roosevelt Dime(s) fans, yes it's indeed time for another installment of Roosie Talk chapter #7. Lots to cover in the start of this chapter, and as always feel free to comment on any of the previous Roosie Talk threads that exist (No one ever does) as they are rich with Roosie gossip and an excellent source for news and pictures.

Now the big news as of late is the 1975-No/S PCGS PR68 dime. This dime recently sold in a Heritage Auction on Sept. 6th, 2019 for a staggering price of $380,000/$456,000. This is an increase from the PCGS price guide of $349,600 which was established way back on Sept. 1st, 2011. The new PCGS price says $516,000, yet when I put my mouse over the price it says $456,000 which is the final price from earlier this week. Does this really matter? IMHO, I think the price guide follows the coin and certainly as time goes on I believe in my heart this will be a 7 figure coin and added to the ranks of some of the elite coins. I believe the only thing holding it back is the mystique of it being a modern coin and it's always possible that more could be found.

Link to this beautiful dime:

Moving on...

Several things are happening lately as @DANNY adds to his sets on what seems to be a daily basis and we're quite happy to have him back. His #1 silver set passed me like a parked car in the ranks and his #2 set is on its way to being a top 10 set.

The population report as it pertains to the Roosevelt Dime is in total shambles. The report doesn't even include the 2017-S Enhanced dime at all and the SP section is intermixed between the 65-67 dimes and the SF dimes of 2005-2010. A ton of newly graded PL dimes are missing as the pop report only shows 2 and it's been this way for months and months, not to mention several other problems which I won't list here. I called PCGS and had a conversation in depth at fixing this problem. I forwarded an Email with concerns and was assured it will be looked at. Thanks PCGS. B)

Hansen recently added the 1974 MS67FB dime to his set and rumors are that it sold for $10,000+. Not my place to say as it's not my coin or sale. If Hansen or JB would like to post over here, they are welcome to do so. BTW, Hansen has continued to add to his clad set but seems to have put his #1 silver set to bed (Hasn't added since 1/16/19). The coins may not be there or he's chasing bigger fish to fry. If that's the case @Halcyon should pass him at some point as he continues to be active.

It's also nice to see that several members are trading Roosies behind the scenes and I've been offered several dimes by a very good Roosie hunter back on the scene. Welcome back Mike.

Well, that's it for now, and I'll add more later. BTW, I bought a 1954-S recently! LOL

Later, Paul.


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