The official 2010 Topps Heritage thread: rip, sort, trade

Yeah, I know - 2009 high number isn't out yet, but it's never too early to start thinking about next year. I just saw a preliminary report on 2010 Heritage over on Beckett's blog.


IMO, one of the nicest looking Heritage sets in quite some time. I'm not a huge fan of the '61 set, but since I'm a huge fan of Heritage I'll most likely do a set. However, at first glance I LOVE the designs of the flashback & relic sets. If they are able to keep all of the names on the preliminary auto checklist, then this looks to be the first semi-strong auto list in the last several years. This could be a very exciting break for the Heritage crowd.

edit to quote from the post: "Among those on the preliminary autograph checklists are Ryan Howard, Matt Kemp, Gordon Beckham, David Wright, Matt Holliday, Luis Aparcio, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, Frank Robinson, Buster Posey and Dustin Pedroia."


  • As a fan of the simple design that the 61's have, I will be picking up a few boxes of this.

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    O ''Man this will be fun! That's a nice looking set.
    Thank you for the link.
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    That Mantle/Ruth/Maris is hot.
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    << <i>That Mantle/Ruth/Maris is hot. >>

    Nick, I'm expecting either you or Mike to pull that.
  • Hey now......
  • TNP777TNP777 Posts: 5,696 ✭✭✭

    << <i>Hey now...... >>

    Joe, you're right - there's no reason we couldn't pull it during our group (of two) rip! Good thinking.
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    Gonna be another good looking set, although I'm tired of SP's. Looks like some much nicer autos.

    "Molon Labe"

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    Love the Cain Autographed card. First dibs on anybody that pulls it!
  • Ever since they started doing black refractors I've wanted to collect a set, but none of the designs really looked right with them. Except maybe '06s. But this is a likely target.

    I wonder what they'll do with 62s as far as black refs. Hopefully not just an eighth-inch border. Coloring the whole wood part black would look supersweet, I think. But I've got a while to worry about that.
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    2004 UD Legends Bake McBride autos & parallels, and 1974 Topps #601 PSA 9
    Rare Grady Sizemore parallels, printing plates, autographs

    Nothing on ebay
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    Some nice looking cards.

    It's a shame that none of those will make it into the final product.
    "The Sipe market is ridiculous right now"
    CDsNuts, 1/9/15

  • WWJST?

    What Would JoeStalin Think?

  • << <i>WWJST?

    What Would JoeStalin Think? >>

    I bet he'd think twice about suggesting that someone could bribe the graders. image
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    having the stamps is a neat touch, they look cool. Is that what they will actually look like??? I am sure my daughter will want the Grady one
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    Love the 61's design.

    Looking for Charlie (Charley) Maxwell cards.
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    Hi Geordie

    To start - with the help of a collector friend - I'm just finishing up adding missing SP's for my 2002 set - I actually purchased a complete set and with all the cards I have, I should have a killer set!

    Now - thanx for posting the preview of the new set.

    I didn't do anything with the set last year for the first time since it started - I will eventually buy a master set.

    I'm probably in the minority from what I think in liking the 61T design - simple and pure and not boring to me.

    I'm looking forward to the posts - tho not sure if I'll do the set since I usually wind up spending around 1500 bucks.

    Last, I will miss Kevin - I've been collecting and trading with him since 2004.


    As a vintage and modern collector, this set's number 1 on my list!


  • "Last, I will miss Kevin - I've been collecting and trading with him since 2004."

    Kevin? Is he not around anymore or is he just not doing the 2010 Heritage? Please let me know as I may have missed a post somewhere. Thanks!

    Craig in Texas
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    hi all, he got booted off this forum, but i have his email, so pm me for it.

    thx, jim.
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    Do you know why he got kicked off?
  • Feb. 25th cannot get here soon enough!!!!
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    If you look at the comments on the beckett article Kevin has already left a comment about the auto set. It looks like he is active on Beckett.

    If they insist on giving us hatless sideways player head shots this could be one of the ugliest sets ever. Its one of the only reasons I haven't pursued a full 61 set is I can't stand the cards of players such as Mays or Banks.
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    Kevin was kicked off IMO for a variety of offenses including accusing someone of sending him racist PMs when in fact he was just "kidding". He had a habit of taking it too far and he ended up pushing it too much.
    Currently completing the following registry sets: Cardinal HOF's, 1961 Pittsburgh Pirates Team, 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates Team, 1980 Pittsburgh Pirates Team, Bill Mazeroski Master & Basic Sets, Roberto Clemente Master & Basic Sets, Willie Stargell Master & Basic Sets and Terry Bradshaw Basic Set
  • I just got a checklist and sell sheet from my distributor .......but it is too large to upload here.

    If any one can "make it work" feel free to send me your email and I'll send the files over.

    I think it is a little more expensive than last year, but don't really remember what they sold for.

    24 packs per box - 12 boxes per case - I am selling them at $750 per case (not sure if I am going to sell single boxes yet, but those would be $75).

    There are still a lot of TBD on the checklist, but it LOOKS like an enticing checklist......assuming they stick with the plan (yeah, like that ever happens!)

    sell info:

    500 Stars of Today and Yesterday on the 1961 Topps Design. 1 Autograph or Relic card per box. New! Framed Topps Stamps. New! Topps Dice Game Card Backs. Gum in Every Pack! Chrome Parallel cards. Chase '61. Hobby Exclusive Box Loader including Advertising Panels, Topps Stamp Album, and 1961 Topps Originals. Autographed Relic cards including Flashback Stadium Relics, Clubhouse Collection Relics and Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics.

    Release date:

    Authorized wholesale dealer for BCW, if you need any supplies let me know and I will get you a quote
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    Here is a link to the CHECKLIST. I had to make it into a google document so everyone could see it.

    Here are the pages of the Sell Sheet.

  • Wow, only 10 clubhouse relic cards.
  • Wow, if that checklist remains the same it will be an expensive year for me to be a Cardinals fan. After opening my 4 high number boxes today I needed to see something positive about Heritage, thanks for the post!
  • thanks for the help jeffcbay!
    Authorized wholesale dealer for BCW, if you need any supplies let me know and I will get you a quote
  • jeffcbayjeffcbay Posts: 8,598 ✭✭✭
    Happy to help! image
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    Stamps and the dice game variation card (similar to the black backs?)

    Were those also in the original 61 packs?

    It would nice if they changed up the box loader (get creative and get away from the panels).

    They still look pretty good though....................

  • Topps Stamps were issued in both 1961 and 1962.

    As for Dice Game, that is a rare test set that Topps never issued. Probably the rarest and most valuable Topps set that was ever made. For many examples, three or less surviving exemplars are known. Bob, who frequents these boards [bobbscards I think is his addy] can provide a more robust education related to those cards. But they were never formally issued.

    I am actively buying MIKE SCHMIDT gem mint baseball cards. Also looking for any 19th century cabinets of Philadephia Nationals. Please PM with additional details.
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    Thanks for the info, Marc. It looks like there were 18 black and white ones (9 from each league). I wonder if Topps will use current players replicate the 1961 series. Hopefully they won't be too impossible to pull out of packs.
  • Mick65Mick65 Posts: 706 ✭✭✭


    1961 Dice Game (18)


    Perhaps taking a cue from the success of the APBA baseball game, Topps produced this black and white set in 1961. While the Topps name does not appear anywhere on the product, the quality of the cards and the typefaces used clearly mark these as a Topps product. At 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", they also have the same dimensions as regular issue 1961 cards. One player per position from each league is included and while not all are superstars, every player was an All Star at one time or another. These cards are extremely rare and the Mantle card is probably the holy grail of all Topps cards.. Of course, considering that it sells in the mid to high four figures, not too many people could afford one anyway. That is, provided more than one exists: in 1985 only one known set had been reported, along with a handful of singles. It is doubtful this set was ever legitimately released based on the low number of extant copies. In fact, when Topps issues are this scarce I have to think that Woody Gelman was involved in their introduction to the hobby.

    1961 Magic Rub Off (36)


    Topps entered the baseball insert market with this little set, packaged in first series wax packs in 1961. In what can only be seen as a response to Leaf and Fleer's incursion into the baseball card market, the brain trust at Topps started working overtime to design inserts, premium offers and supplemental issues. This is a typical Topps move and many of the innovations they spawned over the years were the direct result of either real or perceived forays into their markets by other manufacturers. For this set, 18 players with unusual nicknames were caricatured on pieces of waxed paper. An additional 18 rub offs contain team pennants, including the two newest entries into the American League, the Washington Senators and Los Angeles Angels and those erstwhile former Senators, the Minnesota Twins.. The dimensions of 2 1/16" x 3 1/16" are not always uniform, but there doesn't seem to be a really big chance that these inserts have ever been reproduced by other parties. You can find these rub offs at just about any big show and they don't really present any problems in obtaining superstars, since the two big names are Banks and Berra.

    1961 Stamps (208)


    Topps was a little more ambitious with this initial stamp offering than with Magic Rub Offs. Stamps could be obtained in second series and higher wax packs and possibly in cello packs as well. There was also a premium offer on some wax wrappers advertising a stamp album. The stamps are either dull green (American League) or brown (National League) and came in "blocks" of two. They can still be found intact in this form and many people collect them in this fashion. For some reason Al Kaline appears in both colors, probably having a brown version as a substitute for a player who had been dropped from the set. Therefore, only 207 different players are portrayed. Individual stamps measure 1 3/8" x 1 15/16", while blocks are 3 3/8" x 1 15/16" due to the inclusion of a printers color key. These rather bland stamps can be found with little effort, although big name players get snapped up rather quickly when they are offered for sale. An album also exists.

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    Hey everyone, just wanted to post this here in case anyone is interested.

    I have the following available for trade for 2007 Topps Heritage (MLB) Black Refractors:

    Carlos Delgado #5 PSA 9
    Frank Thomas #8 PSA 9
    Brandon Webb #11 PSA 10
    Chipper Jones #12 PSA 8
    Jason Giambit #16 PSA 9
    Austin Kearns #25 PSA 9
    John Smoltz #39 PSA 10
    Tony Batista #47 PSA 10
    Richie Sexson #52 PSA 9
    Rodney Choy Foo #61 PSA 9
    David Murphy #64 PSA 10
    Edwin Jackson #70 PSA 10
    Bradley Sullivan #72 PSA 8
    Conor Jackson #75 PSA 10
    Craig Ansman #77 PSA 9
    Anthony Lerew #80 PSA 9
    Sung Ki Jung #81 PSA 8
    Donald Levinski #86 PSA 10
    Tim Frend #89 PSA 9
    Dioner Navarro #92 PSA 9
    Blake Hawksworth #97 PSA 10
    Chris O'Riordan #100 PSA 10
    Edgar Martinez #103 PSA 10
    Brett Myers #104 PSA 9
    Scott Rolen #106 PSA 9
    Mark Teixeira #107 PSA 10
    Jerome Williams #110 PSA 9

    William Harridge #1 PSA 10
    Jim Thome #10 (Raw-Has a crease in the card, though)
    Jason Giambi #11 PSA 9
    Torii Hunter #26 PSA 10
    Hank Blalock #36 PSA 10
    Mike Piazza #43 PSA 10
    Bret Boone #44 PSA 10
    Pedro Martinez #47 PSA 10
    Lew Ford #53 PSA 9
    Ryan Webb #92 PSA 10
    Brett Harper #97 PSA 10

    Todd Walker #11 (Raw)
    There's a link below to the graded 2006 Black Refractors that I have left.

    Ryan Ludwick #8 (Raw)
    Ervin Santana #33 (Raw)
    John Lackey #39 (Raw)
    Edinson Volquez #67 (Raw)
    Adrian Gonzalez #72 (Raw)
    Max Scherzer #97 (Raw)

    Please let me know if you have any '07s to trade.


    2006 Topps Heritage Black Refractors Graded
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    Is everyone ready for the 2010 Heritage?

    I see the pre sell cases are running around $750, I remember last year thinking I locked in a great price at $625 with LR Cards, we all know how that went down.

    If anyone has a reliable supplier, I'd be interested (if you want to share that information)

    I look forward to everyone's scans and analysis.
  • fur72fur72 Posts: 2,353 ✭✭
    Is it safe to say the cards below will have some type of errors or SSP errors since the numbers in the orginal set were errors? Or am I jumping the gun?

    161 Madison Bumgarner Rookie
    332 Ryan Langerhans Veteran

    Orginal 1961 Topps errors
    Card 161 Sherman Jones UER RC (Photo actually Eddie Fisher) Card 332 Dutch Dotterer UER (Photo actually Tommy Dottere)

  • Mick65Mick65 Posts: 706 ✭✭✭
    Calling the shot early...... guess is that Topps will fall in line with another Fred Lewis / Randy Winn SSP that will be just as awesome, and everyone will be buying tons of packs trying pull them, right..........

    Will someone at Beckett pull the "Hot" blaster that has 10 of each SSP?....if so will be great....because those gimics never get old.

    Or maybe this is the year Topps focuses on putting out a good product again......let's hope!!
  • Mick,

    I am pretty sure I will be able to get 12 box Hobby Cases in the $715 range, depending on shipping location, but I will need to preorder right away.

    I am going to make a call to my distributor Monday but I will probably be able to get blasters and retail 24ct boxes at a discount as well.

    Let me know

  • Mick65Mick65 Posts: 706 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Joe.

    Do you have a website ?
  • Has anyone heard about production numbers for the 2010 Heritage?

  • Mick,

    Website isn't finished yet....

    I can use Geordie, Doran, Kevin and Jeff as references if that helps.

    Also it looks like I will be able to get my hands on some 8 box 24 ct retail cases as well for somewhere in the $340 range plus shipping. I don't know how that price compares per card but I know it won't release until a few weeks after hobby.
  • RipublicaninMassRipublicaninMass Posts: 10,058 ✭✭✭

    Just thought I would post my dupes from all heritage years here. My want list is over on the worthless set collectors club thread. I need some 05 heritage as well as a few from 01

    2009 Topps heritage

    ad panel unopened

    c40 Berkman 088/560
    c1 Ramirez 1461/1960
    c24 Rivera 1439/1960
    c40 Berkman 1942/1960
    c52 Uggla 1927/1960
    c97 Scherzer 1472/1960

    499, 481, 476, 468, 461, 456, 454, 450, 440,

    9, 8,

    10, 9, 3,

    then and npw
    10, 5,
    news flashbacks
    2, 9

    2008 Topps heritage
    c146 Pedroia 1614/1959
    c84 maine 1362, 1959
    42, 336, 415, 52, 470, 150, 198, 291, 8, 436, 126, 49, 228, 54, 224,
    94, 265, 91, 475, 135, 12, 69, 370, 325, 102, 28, 9, 498, 179, 486,
    337, 472, 81, 333, 98, 2, 41, 3, 226, 371, 330, 262, 21, 225, 483, 185, 176,
    196, 16, 180, 11761, 90, 443
    news flash backs
    5, 6
    flashbacks3, 8
    then and now
    1, 6
    4, 12
    2007 Topps heritage
    68, 31, 159, 347, 365, 366, 483, 429, 374, 330, 13, 67, 121, 131, 213, 221, 257,
    347, 365, 366, 392, 420, 473, 473, 477
    Yellow name
    98, 24, 46, 78,
    yellow team name
    108, 11, 20, 81, 2,

    then and now
    3, 7,

    6, 4, 9, 1, 7,

    New age
    3, 10,

    chrome 40 varitek
    mantle hr
    1, 11, 16, 18, 24, 27, 28, 34, 38, 42

    clubhouse AJP
    Pujols pants

    06 heritage
    then and now
    banks, mazeroski
    70 ramirez 0981/1957

    05 heritage
    50 Thome fielding
    118 Ordonez 1956 uni
    then and now
    thc 8 garret anderson 1784/1956
    thc 106 gagne 0078/1956
    flashback snider
    seat relic fr-sm musial stadium seat

    04 Heritage
    double header 9/10
    club house collection Luis Gonzalez jersey

    04 BOWMAN heritage
    thread of greatness Beckett gu bat

    2007 Topps
    #7 Mantle
    mantle hr 287, 301
    Beltran gu- jersey
    a-rod homers 55, 58, 59, 61,263

    2006 A and G


    mini black
    310 couture

    2007 A & G

    N43-RH (box topper ryan howard)

    110, 119, 152, 193, 243, 309, 317, 318, 319, 327, 335, 339, 340, 330, 320

    Sketch cards

    5, 7, 22, 9, 19, 23, 6, 1, 11, 3, 13, 26, 28, 10, 17, 25, 8, 20, 2, 14, 27, 29, 5, 15, 16, 18, 21

    141, 203, 191, 159, 174, 240, 235, 276, 261, 248, 245, 330, 324, 320, 318, 312, 296, 295,
    287, 286,24, 29, 116, 113, 95,84, 210

    Mini No number
    Ted Towles

    mini black
    67, 52, 144, 132, 221

    mini black No number

    mini a&g back
    333, 278, 242, 207, 154, 124, 63, 47, 25, 22, 73, 227, 204


    Russian federation


    SChilling Jersey
    Patterson bat
    Rolen hersey
    Konerko bat
    Willis jersey (pin stripe )

    2005 Bowman Draft picks
    CArmona jersey

    Heritage commons
    01. 04, 06, 07, 08 09

    A& G commons
  • WaltWalt Posts: 1,275 ✭✭✭
    less than 2 months now!
  • Mick65Mick65 Posts: 706 ✭✭✭
    Is there an expected release date? 2/25/10?
  • Mick65Mick65 Posts: 706 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the info........I may scrap together the funds for a case...I'm still on the fence.
  • BigRedMachineBigRedMachine Posts: 2,553 ✭✭✭
    What's the latest on the release date for this, and where are most of you buying from?

  • ssdawg77ssdawg77 Posts: 1,115 ✭✭✭
    2/24/10 according to my distributor this morning. I have hobby cases available if anyone is interested.
  • Will any of the retailers be carrying these boxes/packs?
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