Revised Post- 1806 Counterfeit Half Cent Update (un-deleted).

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Sorry; I previously killed this post due to a concern I had already kind of beat this one into the ground. I have posted here and in a couple of other venues and lost track of what's what. The 1806 half cent fake was originally discussed in a thread here at and I had added a comment to that one previously.

I have updated the post; the Coin Week article can be found at

Since then I have had a friend report he has purchased the source example and another in my Dark Side group reported he has 3 examples, 2 raw and one in a slab; I hope to get together with both and compare examples and notes.

Best, Jack.


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    Thank you very much for the article & update. Really enjoy them both.

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    Unfortunately this is the second most common variety, after the 1804, Plain 4 Stemless, of the Draped Bust Half Cents. These pigs copy everything, included the common stuff.

    Among the three, the second one has the most convincing finish.

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    Darn... missed it again.... I feel so deprived... :'( ...... ;) Cheers, RickO

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    There should be a rule against deleting.....

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    Contact the Information Necromancy Technologist. They can restore the dead thread at the nod of a head, or so it is said.

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    I have restored it to the best of my abilities!

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    PCGS slabbed two counterfeit half cents? Jeezy peezy. I know this stuff happens but still..

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    @Azurescens said:
    PCGS slabbed two counterfeit half cents? Jeezy peezy. I know this stuff happens but still..

    Actually, PCGS is the one TPG that as far as I am aware did NOT certify one of these. The raw example donated to my collection is body-bagged by PCGS as "Counterfeit".

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    I have the opportunity to purchase the source example at a Sunday coin show; will post images when available.

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    You are doing some good work here. Thanks for showing the importance of being careful.

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    Purchased the source coin; damaged "A" in HALF is the main attribution mark for this and all of the struck clones.

    Source example listed in the 2013 Americana Stack's Bowers auction, lot # 14112.

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    What a great teaching set. Hopefully, in the far future, you might donate the two coins to the ANA for Summer Seminar. LOL, easy for this very jealous collector of C/F's to suggest.

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    I am loaning several to a friend who is teaching seminars at the Summer ANA next month.

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    Just had another example show up and added to the collection; shows these are still out there...

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    @burfle23 Thanks again for your posts.

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