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ENTER MY CONTEST! No Skills Required...WE HAVE A WINNER!! Scootersdad !!! Updated with CAC results.

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It's been noted that PCGS plus graded coins seem to be far fewer than expected if you look at the original criteria. I don't recall the exact numbers but it was supposed to be something like 'coins that grade between 65.70 and 65.99 will receive a 65+ grade.

But if you look at the pop reports it is clear that there must be more to it than that.

I sent 205 coins off today for bulk grading.

To enter the contest, simply guess how many Plus grades I will receive.

Winner coming closest to the correct number without exceeding that number will be awarded prize of one MS65+ Franklin. If you guess the EXACT number you will receive an additional Franklin graded MS65 (no plus) and then when you receive them you can ponder the differences haha.

If you guess a number that has already been guessed, that guess will not count; however you may make a second guess if you come to realize your first guess has already been taken

The prize goes to the FIRST guess of the correct or closest number without exceeding that number.

I have no clue about the current Turn-around-time for Bulk, so it may take a while... anybody submitting bulk recently, please chime in with your TAT.

UPDATE 9/14: Any entries recorded from this point forward are void.



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