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I'm past 2500 posts so it's time for another givaway. image

I'll make it simple.
I have had a coin in mineral oil, just guess how long it has been soaking (# of days) and the member closest to the correct answer that's over the actual number will be the winner!
YES it's a problem coin, anyone that disses my coin or giveaway will be right out of the running. image

Here are images that I took before the mineral oil bath, I will post the "after" images of the reverse tomorrow.

The good.......


the bad........


and the "after" (Meh, looks like I waisted my time image)........


Good luck and thanks for all the knowledge.


PS The "giveaway" will end on .............. 9/11/2010 at 6PM C.S.T. any guesses after this time will be not included.
Good luck once again! imageimage


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