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The Baseball HOF Registry Thread

I've been working on the Baseball HOF Complete Set for a while (#20 at 65%) and it seems to have a pretty strong following. I thought I would start this thread to share my pursuit of the set and welcome others to do the same. The concept of the set is pretty obvious; however, there are derivatives of HOF sets. I'm working on the "Complete" set which includes managers, executives, umpires, and pioneers -- as well as players. The registry allows any card of the HOFer as long as it was produced during his "playing" or "active" years. The downside is that there is not a card for everyone. Currently there are 292 HOF members (including the 2010 class) -- the registry composite has 249 slots. This set is great way to capture the history of baseball as well the history of trading cards.

Following is a recent pickup -- it's my favorite Walter Johnson card.



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