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Finished the 12-Piece Gold Type Set!

edited February 10, 2023 1:44PM in U.S. Coin Forum

Well, technically I finished it last year, but the TrueView of one of the last additions I purchased (the $5 Indian) just posted.

I began this set after I randomly walked into United Coin & Precious Metals while in La Jolla, CA in 2019. The proprietor Peter Kevorkian had just got a collection he bought back from PCGS, and as he was planning to send the coins to a wholesaler, he offered me a great price on the Type 3 $1. The last two coins I bought from Witter—the $10 Lib and $20 Saint.

Almost all are CAC approved, except the Type 3 $1 (which hasn't been sent in) and the $20 Lib, which was in a 63CAC holder but upgraded to a 64 on a Recon submission. I'll be sending both to CAC. I'm really hoping the $20 Lib stickers, but it might be a stretch at 64. I'd prefer the set to be 100% CAC, but I'm not sure I'd replace the $20 Lib.

The lowest graded coin is the $3 (AU53 CAC) and the highest is a 3-way tie between the $2.50 Lib, $10 Lib and $20 Saint, which are all 64+ CAC. The other AU coins are the $1 Type 2 (AU55 CAC) and the $2.50 Indian & $10 Indian (both AU58 CAC). Upgrading the $3 to at least a 58 would be nice but prices have really run away on those.

Anyway, here they are:

Nothing is as expensive as free money.


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