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Just Random Thoughts on My Coin Journey

Shane6596Shane6596 Posts: 759 ✭✭✭✭✭

Again, im completely new at this. Its only been a couple weeks that ive been collecting.

As i sit here and look over the 20 coins i have, i am starting to see the small differences in them. I have a couple walking liberties, one in nice condition, the other kinda rough. Its nice to sit and compare them at my own pace. I can see the wear differences, the brightness differences in spots, scratches on field...etc.

I have 3 morgans in 3 different conditions. Looking them over and comparing all the little different marks and scratches. Im slowly beginning to see what is being talked about in grading and the small imperfections.

What im getting at is, i think buying coins i like that are not ridiculously priced but not junk is a good path. If i see a worn mercury dime for $12 i buy it. Now i have it in hand to study and compare to pics online and future dimes of the same.

When im at the coin shop its overwhelming to look at so many samples because i just want to see so much, but it leaves no time to really study any of them. Maybe that will change later as i become more into one particular type, series...etc.

Looking at coins online just doesnt give any feel for me. Theres no depth, colors are off. It great for research, but lacks immersion.

Sitting with my coffee in morning or adult beverage at night and studying, looking over my coins in certain lights is just enjoyable.

I dont know where i was going with this, just putting thoughts down.

Thanks for reading.

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