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Question about 1995 American Eagle 10th Anniversary Proof set - 5 coins Gold/Silver

I have 2 of these sets. One is traditional in the nice rectangular 5 coin holder with COA etc. The other is less fancy, in a square box, still 5 coins, but no COA...more of a bare bones presentation. Its my understanding that there was a shortage of the nice presentation and set and they instead shipped out the bare bones sets. All well in good HOWEVER, the bare bones set I have has 2 unusualities......or at least things that seem unusual to me, first the silver round is dated 1994 not 1995 as one would expect in a silver set. Second, the $20 Gold coin has roman numeral date on the obverse while all the other coins have a 1995 date. I found a few of these sets pictured online and all have the 1995 date not a roman numeral date. Just looking for any info as whats the deal with the wrong date silver and the roman numeral date vs 1995 date. I was bequeathed this and am seeing them for the first time ......

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    It sounds like one of the sets is not a 1995W Proof Set. I've not ever heard of any 1995 American Gold Eagles with a Roman Numeral date, nor have I heard of any 1995 10th Anniversary Sets that didn't include a 1995W Proof Silver Eagle. Also, the American Gold Eagles have a $50 denomination, not a $20 denomination (which would be a classic gold double eagle) so it sounds like one of the sets is a made-up hodge-podge of gold & silver coins.

    The most valuable coin in either set would be the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle, if you can verify it. The gold coins are of course worth at least the gold content.

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    (Edited after OP clarified on the coin forum that the the AGE proof in question is actually a 1990 and likely an authentic coin.)

    The American gold and silver eagle bullion coin programs began in 1986.

    ASE proofs haves been issued since 1986:

    • 1986-1992 have an S mint mark.
    • 1993-1995 have a P mint mark.
    • A special 1995 W was issued in the five coin gold and silver set with a mintage of 30,125. The set carries a high value with the 1995 ASE W being the money coin, especially if certified.
    • 1986 marked the beginning of the W mint mark on all proofs.

    AGE proofs made their first appearance in 1988:

    • 1988-1991 have the P mint mark and Roman numerals
    • 1992 marked the beginning of Arabic numerals
    • 1992-1993 have a P mint mark
    • 1994 marked the beginning of the W mint mark

    Concerning you odd ball set:

    *There are no known authentic AGEs with a $20 face value (I suspect your $20 post is a typo).

    • You have clarified the AGE is a 1990 P, a valid Roman numeral date for an AGE proof.
    • Your ASE proof(s) are likely authentic coins and carry proof value.
    • All authentic 1995 Gold and Silver sets were sold by the mint with the red US mint presentation boxes.
    • Most likely this set contains authentic coins and was assembled in an aftermarket presentation case by the collecor.

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    Do you have any pictures of the sets?

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    Your set that does not have a COA, is either a Chinese counterfeit set or a set assembled by dealers(s) which may include original and not counterfeit coins spanning several years.

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    As indicated above, your 'bare bones' set is not a U.S. Mint product... but rather a post mint assembled set. Return it if you can. Cheers, RickO

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    It sounds ( reads like ) a " put together" set/sets, and post mint.

    See DerryB's and Ricko's and others' posts above.

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