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Some new members may enjoy this advice from 1909-A poor coin is an aggravation and an eyesore

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November 1909,
Howland Wood gave the following advice-“Numismatic Maxims for Beginners.”
from The Numismatist, November 1909

These thoughts are still relevant today - in my opinion :)

In The Numismatist, November 1909, Howland Wood gave the following advice under the title of “Numismatic Maxims for Beginners.”

Don’t set your heart on acquiring any shilling coin right off. If you force the market you generally have to pay more than it is worth.

If you are a young man you can afford to wait; it is only the old men who cannot.

Don’t plunge in too quickly at the start and think you must buy every coin offered.

Don’t try to collect everything; you’ll never catch up with your contract. Also you will not enjoy what you have.

You’ve got to learn by experience; a few jolts and knocks will impress you more than all of the advice an older collector can give you.

Don’t take any man’s word that a coin is unique. There are far fewer unique coins than there are said to be.

Collect, if possible, shilling coins in the best condition; you then buy but once, and when you want to sell, you have something worth selling. A poor coin is an aggravation and an eyesore, and you as a rule can get very little for it when you want to sell.

A library goes hand in hand with the collection of coins.

It is better to collect a few series and know your subject than to attempt to collect everything and think you know it all but really know nothing.

Every collector should have a Pine Tree shilling, as that is the first question your guests ask if you have.

Never cry down another collector’s coin; give them, at least, the benefit of the doubt.

Never talk scandal or say mean things about other collectors; if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

The last maxim is the most important one to remember, and it is the one most often transgressed.

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