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I “Completed” My Lincoln Wheat DATE Set!

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In the Summer of 2019, I completed my lifelong collection of my Type Set(s), best reflected by my Dansco 7070 set.

Looking for a new numismatic venture, I wanted to start something that would be FUN, somewhat challenging, but something that I could potentially complete in a “reasonable” amount of time, as I’m not getting any younger.

I chose to go back to my young beginnings as a coin collector. Like so many of us, as a child I started with the blue Whitman folders collecting Lincoln Cents. I never proceeded too far with that as a child, so why not do it now?

To keep it in budget, and to meet my time requirements for a “reasonable” end, I decided to make this a DATE set, so I could pick and choose for each year just one coin, regardless of the mint. However, to make it somewhat challenging, I also decided that each coin must have the RED designation, and each coin must also merit a CAC sticker. As it turns out, 30 of the 50 coins have a "+" grade.

So after 2-1/2 years, my set is now “complete”. But with that said, I’m still on the hunt for two upgrades;
1. The very last coin I bought for this set is the 1912 MS65RD. However, it turned long ago, so it’s not RED. Yes, being impatient, I bought the holder and not the coin, as this was the last “hole” to fill. Silly me. So I’m looking for one in that grade or MS66RD, with a CAC, but with a legitimate RED color (and with nice eye appeal).
2. I also want to upgrade my 1922-D MS64RD. While it’s a lovely coin, it’s my ONLY coin in the set graded lower than MS65RD. With an upgrade to MS65RD, every coin in this set will then be GEM!

Here’s a hotlink to my set. While this format only initially shows just one photo for each coin, if you click on a photo, it will then allow you to scroll and see other photos of each coin. Or, you can click “Set Image Gallery” in the center near the top, and see a nice layout of each photo, along with my comment for that coin.



A day without fine wine and working on your coin collection is like a day without sunshine!!!

My collecting “Pride & Joy” is my PCGS Registry Dansco 7070 Set:


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