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Why are there no 2020 Annual Awards for Registry Sets???

Hi Jamie-
"Cannonball!" here.
Your last post was September 25th.
There have been no further posts or updates from you, or PCGS, in regards to the annual awards for registry sets. NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER.
Are there going to even be any annual awards this year? Does anyone at PCGS even care? And what exactly is going on PCGS that annual awards cannot be announced? Why the opacity, why the lack of information? I have spent DECADES and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on my registry sets (in grading fees alone); I am approaching "beyond pissed off" and would like an acknowledgement and an explanation. I have had to continue to go to work and do my job throughout COVID; with the registry sets all being electronically tallied, anyone should be able to "work from home" and GET IT DONE.
PCGS has REALLY fumbled the ball on this.
Give me a good reason to continue to believe in and support PCGS.


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