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Famous Women in Numismatics

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Who are some famous women in Numismatics?

Here's a running list:

US Mint Directors

  1. Nellie Tayloe Ross (May 1933–April 1953)
  2. Eva Adams (October 1961–August 1969)
  3. Mary Brooks (September 1969–February 1977)
  4. Stella Hackel Sims (November 1977–April 1981)
  5. Donna Pope (July 1981–August 1991)

Engravers / Medalists

  1. Lea Ahlborn (Swedish Medalist) - Wikipedia - Lea Fredrika Ahlborn (née Lundgren) (18 February 1826 – 13 November 1897) was a famous Swedish artist and medallist.[1] She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts and the first woman to be appointed royal printmaker. The position of royal printmaker was counted as a public office, and thereby made her the first female official or civil servant in Sweden.[2]
  2. Elizabeth Jones (US Mint Chief Engraver)
  3. Laura Gardin Fraser
  4. Glenna Maxey Goodacre
  5. Heidi Wastweet (CCAC member)

Civil War Token Merchants

  1. Amelia Gavron

Collectors / Numismatists

  1. Elvira Eliza Clain-Stefanelli Wikipedia - Elvira Eliza Clain-Stefanelli (1914-2001) was a numismatist, and advisor to the US Mint. Together with her husband, Vladimir Clain-Stefalli (1914-1982), she built the National Numismatic Collection (NNC) at the Smithsonian Institution, from approximately 60,000 pieces in 1956 to over 960,000 pieces in 1982.
  2. Emery May Holden Norweb
  3. Jacquenette (Jacque) Cummings Ostheimer
  4. Nicole Kidman
  5. Penny Marshall


  1. BJ Searls
  2. Catherine Bullowa
  3. Charmy Harker
  4. Bonnie Sabel - Albanese Rare Coins Bio - Forgive me for not revealing my age, as they say a lady never tells! I will say I’m proud of being a Grandmother to four great kids, Baileigh,Ty, Kameron and Olivia. They belong to my son Adam, and his beautiful wife Jenni. My daughter, Fawn just recently was married to her sweetheart Nathaniel. I’m always ready to share new photos or anecdotes regarding my family, they are always first in my heart. My hobbies include baseball, reading and collecting sports memorabilia. I have had the wonderful good fortune of working under the tutelage of respected numismatists such as Kathleen Duncan, Mark Feld, and more recently Kenny Duncan. So many coin dealers and clients have spent countless hours teaching me the nuances of their specific areas of expertise and I’m eternally grateful. I love coins! I’ve helped assemble finest known collections of Saint Gaudens, Commemoratives, 20th century type and early type coins as well. If pressured, I would admit my favorite coin is a monster toned Silver commemorative. I’m proud to work for a firm that’s motto is Honesty-Quality-Integrity. Whether you view yourself as a beginner, or advanced collector, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll do my best to find that one special coin or discuss your collecting goals.
  5. Laura Sperber
  6. Liz Kogan

Coin Figures

  1. Sacagawea
  2. Susan B. Anthony
  3. Lady Liberty


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