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This show use to be the Silverdollar Show, but has changed names and is bigger and better now. All of the TPD Graders had tables. The PCGS table just had 1 person and was for submission's only. Wish I had know they were going to be there. I would have sent some coins in and saved postage.

Anyway I got there way early as I only live about 90 miles away and I always allow too much time for travel. I wanted to get a new Charlton Book on Canadian coins as mine is a 2014 and doesn't have all the Dime varieties in it that have been added to the Registry sets. So finally it gets to be 10:00 and I get to go in. I first went to see Mike at Nomad Numismatics from K.C. as he had some Dimes to show me. One was a 1892 NGC65 that is a RPD that I had not seen before. Pretty coin and a RPD too. I sent a pic of this to Bill Fivaz to see what he thinks. There is a pic of this coin below. There is repunching in all digits but the 1 and the 8 & 9 are pretty neat. I then started walking the floor and found a 1905 Barber Dime in PCGS58 for my Everyman sets. This was the last purchase as I found nothing else that I needed or couldn't live without. I did stop at Brian Raines table and had a good talk with him. We are both Variety nuts and he also liked my 1892. This was Friday by the way. My only day at this show. I heard several dealers saying this was their last day. People coming Saturday are going to get short changed, which is not right. Below are pics of my 2 newps. Of course the 1892 will be making a trip to CA. soon to get the correct holder. :) B)

All Dimes All Varieties

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Canadian Dimes Set

Washington Quarters All Varieties 32-64

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