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Birthday giveaway. WINNER IN FIRST POST...

bigtime36bigtime36 Posts: 961 ✭✭✭✭

Good afternoon everyone, I started on this site back in 2006 and since that time I've met alot of knowledgable people and a lot of you that have peaked my interest in coins more than I could have ever thought.

Looking back on posts I noticed there use to be so many swaps and giveaways that I miss seeing on here, so with that said...

My birthday is May 30th, guess how old I'll be and I'll select ONE winner that is closest, if someone is a year under or over I'll draw from a hat, if your right on my age with someone else ill draw from a hat.. hitting it exactly supercedes the over/under.

The prize shall be 4 pre 64' Washington quarters in normal circulated condition. Good luck and thanks for all the great years here and hopefully many more to come.

I will select the lucky winner May 30th...

One guess per person.


Both Jeffnlu and MattTheRiley guessed my correct age today. 37, I drew from a hat and the WINNER is... Jeffnlu, Congratulations and thank you all for playing. Please DM me your contact info

Collect raw morgans, walkers, mercs, SLQ, barber q. Looking at getting into earlier date coins pre 1900s.



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