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Hi Folks,
On Saturday I scanned the floor again for 2 hours prior to going to the airport. I went back and bought one more coin that I had looked at previously. I also had a look at Ha online auction lots. The one I liked the best is going for big money, more than I want to spend so I won't be getting it. I am still in the running for the one I liked 2nd most, but I suspect I may be outbid today in the online auction.

So I will sum my show up by showing some of my purchases, in order of when I acquired them.

First, I have always wanted a Oregon Trail half and I finally got one. Comparing to 65's I have viewed, this is much better in surfaces (I could not find a single mark and 65's typically have as much as a dozen), and color. It was previously auctioned at Stacks and here is the description:

Lot Description
1926-S Oregon Trail Memorial. MS-65 (PCGS).
Silver commems with the eye appeal and technical quality that this Oregon Half possesses are anything but common in today's market. Both sides are beautifully toned around the peripheries in vivid turquoise-blue, orange-russet, and (over the lower reverse) emerald-green colors. The centers shine forth with undisturbed brilliance, and all areas are bathed in shimmering mint luster. In addition to the toning, the surfaces are also of premium quality due to an overall pristine look to the features. A coin that is sure to command a large premium at auction.

On the same purchase from a dealer, I also obtained this seated quarter. I have not see an AU this eye appealing in 15 years for this date and mm. It has the typical weak strike of a 77-CC quater but otherwise a stunner.

I found this barber quarter at a dealers table and it was one of his ebay listings, glad I got to see it hand finally and happy to get it. Looks much better in hand than what my images shows here, the toning is not as splotchy. Nice blue tone in some areas, no hairlines and the surfaces are almost prooflike.

Next is the nice FUN show PCGS sample they handed out at the luncheon.

This one I found late in the day on Friday. I love the rich patina on this quarter, as did CAC. It is only a slight upgrade from one I had for this date and die marriage, but I just love the 45 grade in small bust quarters if not messed with.

I wish there would have been a few more bust quarters that would fit my set, but not to be. There seems to be a paucity of great bust quarters available right now within my grade range interest. Still a fun show for sure.

Best, SH

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