Post your favorite coin purchase of 2018

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Yes, it's time for that annoying end of the year ritual, Top "so-and-so" of 2018.
Well, this is my top coin purchase of 2018. Since there were only two, this was any easy decision:

How about you?

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    I like to plan on getting something at the very end of the year.
    Something that's a little stretch but really want and have been subconsciously waiting for this time of year.
    It doesn't always work out but hopefully I can contribute in the coming days.

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    Beautiful HK-866a so-called dollar @keets! Glad you were able to pick it up :)

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    OMG !!!!!

    one of my cal registries

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    No picture ,but I bought a 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar in PCGS VF 30.

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    I love the originality on that Walker.

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    @Regulated said:
    I love the originality on that Walker.

    Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

    I bought it primarily for the strike but, the more I looked, I saw that it had some nice skin, too.

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