New Irish Shilling! Cracked it out of its holder, thoughts on the grade?

I bought this off of Great Collections last week. Not very nice or flattering pictures of it on GC. I ended putting a bid on it not expecting to win it and did...for REALLY cheap, $27 + the $5 buyer premium.

This is the key date for the Irish 1 shilling with a mintage of 100,000. Tough to find above VF. Here is the listing from GC:

Ugly and dark pics, right?

I ended up cracking it out and soaking it in acetone for a while. There was a lot of gunk on it that ended up melting off. This is the result. If you see a little "hook" in the pictures, that's from my iPhone camera and not on the coin. How do you think it looks compared to before? I think it is a solid XF with a chance at low AU, if the graders are having a good day. Thoughts?


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