Bought a nice collection with a little of everything in it. tons of pics


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    I cannot seem to get the pictures to load, will try again later.

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    Tooky, same here. Loads a sliver of a picture and have to click each to get the complete image.

    EDIT: Tried 3 days later and it loaded all pictures fine.


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  • Works fine for me. Nice set of notes!

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    Lots of pictures but no obsolete currency? Not even low grade, unidentifiable rags? Those would be my favorites. I'd love to help attribute some of the sludge, if there is any.

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    Your 1928B $1 SC of the I-B block note may be worth $500 if it is as nice as the pic.
    Congratulations on a winner@!
    The 1928 A11111130A is probably a $300 note if same

    Not sure if you are taking commentary, apologies if I overstepped (everyone is a critic!)

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    What a fun collection. Nice pick up.

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  • Wow. Nice. Would like to see the bp numbers for the red seal 1928 $2's and $5's as well as the 1934C $5 silver cert.

  • Cool Collection $$ >:)

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    I like the variety

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    Nice variety! I especially like the red seal notes, the "Hawaii" note, and the yellow-seal "North Africa" notes! When I worked retail back in the 80's/90's, I used to come across & save a lot of the blue "silver certificates" in all denominations. Not otherwise being a currency collector (although I think it would be nice to get my hands on one of the older larger notes with their awesome, more elaborate designs), I wasn't aware of the "National Currency" series until I just saw your pics - - I like them as well! Congrats!

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