- February 2017 Long Beach Virtual Bourse - Visit Table 448 by opening this thread!

Awhile ago, I saw a thread where someone mentioned that they wished the large coin shows would post a "virtual bourse"
so that those who could not physically attend the coin show could still get the experience and see the show. I tried it out a few times since then and many seemed to enjoy it.

So, once again took some pics of my coins at the Long Beach Show this week so that those of you who can't come and visit us
at Table 448 this week could still see them. I have many coins that just haven't made it to my website or eBay that I
bring to the shows, so this also might help me sell some items that you may not have known I had for sale.

I had to make the photos very large so that you could see the coins, sorry you will likely have to scroll the page to see
them. Each photo is 2000 pixels wide, but I know the new forum software automatically resizes them smaller for many of us now. You should be able to click each photo and get to the full size pics hosted on my website which should allow you to better zoom in if you like. The large photos also make the file sizes very large so it make take a minute to fully load. Also, since I was
taking quick shots of dozens of coins at once with my camera, not all coins are lit well and not all of the pics show the
beautifully toned coins well. And for some reason some of the pics from my camera phone just came out really dark.

Hope some of you who can't attend the show like seeing the coins this way :) Let me know what you think...
and of course let me know if you're interested in anything. Would be happy to provide better photos of any of the coins
as well.

I took the pics towards the end of setup at the show so some of them have since been sold. Enjoy...

Thanks again for looking and hope to see some of you at the show which runs though this Saturday!




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