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The Color of Gold

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HI Folks,
For the past decade I have been working on refining my photography so I can capture the beauty of coins. One area I have had serious problems with is gold, their surfaces are simply different than silver and copper and for many of my pieces I have had a hard time. So I spent the past month trying every lighting possibility I can think of. Not surprisingly every piece is different and requires different lighting. I am getting close on some, for used gold, I have been striving to capture the 'sparkle' of the surfaces as you see it in hand - it is a trade off though because to capture it, you also get all of the many gouges that this soft metal accrues on its surfaces. You can use lighting to smooth out the hits, but that also reduces the sparkle, you can bring the sparkle up to capture the full luster, but that can make the coin look far from what it looks in hand and too harsh. But I am getting there
and starting to get a better feel for the trade offs, what the camera sees vs. what I see, and how lighting affects the gold surfaces.

So here are some examples of the different colors of gold. Not perfect, but getting nice I think.......

Best, SH

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