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LordM & Friends' "ChristmasTrime & More" Giveaway (WINNERS IN FIRST POST!)


My 3c piece ("trime") giveaway was won by Staircoins! PM sent!

Savoyspecial's Bolivian coin was won by razzle! (I believe the necessary contact has been made.)

FilthyBroke's prize, a PCGS PCGS PR69DCAM clad Bicentennial quarter, was won by linerguy! Y'all PM each other!

Direwolf1972's prize, two US silver coins and an ancient Roman bronze coin, was won by laxmaster92! Y'all PM each other!

Musky1011's ... umm... whateveritis (the pix ain't showin' for me at the moment) was won by EarlsWorld! Y'all PM each other!

Newbiecollector's 1797 British "Cartwheel" penny (or is it a twopence?) goes to Al21! Y'all PM each other!

I've sent a PM to each of the donors to let them know. Y'all take it from there.

Two forum members were very nice to me for Christmas, and surprised me with a great gift.

So it's time to spread the spirit around a little.

Thank you to BlindedByEgo and TorinoCobra71, for a totally unexpected (and mostly undeserved) gift!

Now, here is MY gift to the winner of this random giveaway.

It's not much- only three cents. But three cents' worth of silver, anyway. image

I dunno what made those marks on the reverse. But hey, the price is right, eh? How's FREE sound? image


Here's the rules. Only one rule. Post just ONE time here to enter, since I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner, perhaps sometime on Christmas day.

Greg ("savoyspecial"), one of my favorite coinpeople, mentioned that he also wants to do a giveaway, so he might piggyback onto this one.

You need only post ONE TIME to be entered for both my 3c giveaway AND his, if he posts a giveaway coin. I will randomly select my winner, and then his (or he can choose his winner any way he wants).

But wait! It looks like FilthyBroke and Direwolf also wanna give something away, too! That's FOUR prizes!

Let's not add any more Santas, though, or it might get confusing. (By all means, start your own threads, though!)

Remember- ONE post, FOUR chances to win!

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