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a long read, yet a scenario for weak USD in the future


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    interest read... corresponds with where I believe we're headed.
    "Men who had never shown any ability to make or increase fortunes for themselves abounded in brilliant plans for creating and increasing wealth for the country at large." Fiat Money Inflation in France, Andrew Dickson White (1912)
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    Another doomsayer peddling his newsletter ....
    "Bongo drive 1984 Lincoln that looks like old coin dug from ground."
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    The only difference is that this particular doomsdayist called things right to date, one of the very few newsletter writers doing so. A lot of the time he has been pro-gold but not always. While I have not always appreciated Laird's views, I wish I had followed his advice in 2008.

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  • The article makes a lot of sense, although I don't care for the outlook. From what I gather, for those of us who are not debt free, we have some rough days ahead. One thought I interpet from this article is that having precious metals is much wiser than having precious coins. Both will deflate in value, but in the end, metals will still be the best to barter with. The value of coins in general will be reduced basically to the value of it's metal. Does anyone else read between the lines and agree with this thought?
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  • I don't have the links anymore but a few months ago I read that the Royal Bank of Scotland warned its investors to get out of the USD by Sept. '08. Then a few days ago I saw that Taiwan was in the process of divesting itself of Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Remind anyone of a sinking ship?
    Several months ago I said "Hold on boys and girls. You ain't seen nothing yet." When your friends lose confidence in your economy then you are headed for some hard times. Try buying a loaf of bread with a stock certificate in a year or so.
    I recommended having some standby gold and silver and other barter material and enough land to feed yourself. I stand by that even more today. Just remember kiddies...... Keep your powder dry. Its going to get rough out there.
    I know the premium on gold and silver is high right now but just wait till you can't get any at all.
    Molon Labe
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    here is a mainstream AP article that was in my local paper on ThursdayGold Fails to Shine

    it pretty much DOES say however that the POG (COMEX) has been pretty even YTD compared to MOST EVERYTHING else.....i have a feeling once the economy "advances" through the deflation stage it is nothing but up for gold...just be sure you can hold it in your hand. (IMHO) (FEPO)

    the cash is king gold is good mantra....for present
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    11 year bump.

    Has the squirrel found his nut yet? Lol

    To paraphrase Jimmy Johnson, "How bout that US dollar"?!!

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    Wow... a lot of old threads today..... However, it does make interesting reading when we go back and review from this vantage point.. Cheers, RickO

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