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30,000 post (gulp!) GIVEAWAY!! Enter now!!! Congrats COINMICKEY

I am ashamed to approach 30,000 posts. But 29,861 of them were either brilliant, innovative, inspiring, funny, kind, helpful and supportive.

The other 139 were psychopathic. That's NOT a bad percentage. image

OK........guess the number of coins in this pile and the one who guesses right wins a MS65 Saint. image Big prize, huh? Good Luck!



OK......Now here's the REAL DEAL ON WINNING. image

It wasn't 100% inside or outside the BOX! image

I knew that this was a picture of a work of art called $100 (however I did not expect it to be so obvious, thanks RUSS). image

Guessing the number of coins was a ruse??in fact, I just wanted a broad number of participants and had arranged with SM1 (Otis) to have a random drawing to determine the winner. So perhaps I tricked you with the guessing game, but there is a Saint and there is an "everyone has a chance to win" contest!

Otis is going to handle the drawing tomorrow. Good Luck! image


Guess how many of the entrants are from the NGC board? image

I have never seen at least 100 of the names that have entered! Looks like we have some "switch-hitters". Is that like letting a Commie in the State Department? image

They think the PCGS Saint will go NGC66. imageimage

image TEE HEE HEE WHO WILL WIN??????????? image TEE HEE HEE


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