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This game works sort of like the "Crazy Eights" or "Uno" card games do, but only on a very basic level. (For one thing, it never ends, haha.)


1. If the last coin posted was a regular-issue U.S. coin, you have to post a coin of the same date OR the same type (NOT just the same denomination).

    -US commemoratives, Hard Times and Civil War Tokens, or patterns can be considered all one "type". So if the last person posted a 1920 Pilgrim half dollar, for example, you may play any US commemorative coin OR anything dated 1920. Likewise, an 1863 Civil War token could be followed by any other Civil War token or any coin at all dated 1863.

2. If the last coin posted was a foreign coin, you have to post a coin of the same date OR from the same country (type or denomination do not matter in this case.)

    -If you post a non-US coin, though, be sure to type in the country, since the next player might not be familiar with it, and will need to know where to play from. Please, no undated pieces like tokens or ancient and medieval coins. (Much as I love 'em, they don't have a place here).

3. Dual- or triple- dated coins (like Bicentennial issues, for example) are sort of "wild cards" for the next player.

    For example, if I post a "1776-1976" Bicentennial quarter, the next person has three options: he or she may post a Washington quarter OR a 1976-dated coin OR a 1776 dated coin.

Get it? It isn't as hard as it sounds.

Here, I'll start.


So the next person has to either post a coin dated 1842, or a SEATED half dime (not just any type of half dime). Get it?

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