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Is this worth anything?

Joshu44jonesJoshu44jones Posts: 7
edited March 12, 2024 8:38PM in U.S. Coin Forum

-Ive scoured the internet looking for someone else that has this type of penny. This 2000 penny sticks to a strong magnet, and it weighs more than a normal zinc penny which should rule out someone stripping the copper with some sort of chemicals. It shouldn’t weigh heavy if it’s been stripped, and no Pennie’s should be able to stick to a magnet other than the 1943. I also wondered about it possibly being coated in steel, but the finish on the coin after looking under a microscope is so flawless on all the edges and both sides that I would be surprised if someone really pulled that off. Thank you all for your time and input on this! Also, my scale has been re-calibrated to ensure accuracy and every zinc penny is perfectly 2.50grams exactly, all of them but this one which is slightly overweight


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