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1799 $10 AU-53 CAC - **SOLD**

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A pre-FUN offering, I realize this is a rather unorthodox coin for the BST here but I see no reason that we can’t “make the BST great again” 😅.

Ex HA 03/23 (28,800) description as follows:
1799 $10 Large Obverse Stars, BD-10, R.3, AU53 PCGS. CAC. Bass-Dannreuther Die State a/a. BD-3 is the most plentiful Large Obverse Stars variety of the 1799 eagle, making it a popular type coin and subtype representative. As many as 300 to 400 pieces are believed extant. Nonetheless, high-end examples with choice surfaces are scarce. This CAC coin is outstanding for its grade. Satiny luster complements the rich olive-gold and amber-orange patina, and neither side exhibits mentionable abrasions that dampen the visual presentation. Eye appeal is exceptional.
From The Buddy Liles Collection of U.S. Gold, Part II.

This is an absolutely lovely coin with a high degree of originality, a golden amber patina, and an exceptional amount of detail for the grade. Two very well known experts both opined that this coin would be solid as a 55, and It would almost certainly CAC again as JA doesn’t really endorse the AU53 grade. If no one buys it in this holder, that will probably be the route I go.

Offered at $old

Wire, Check, ACH. USPS Express shipping w/sig or registered mail dependent on buyer preference. Fully insured, I am responsible until the coin is in your hands.

CAC CPG: 31,800

Prices of early eagles have been all over the place, but most know that stickered coins trade well above a non-cac. In the Taraszka auction (Stacks 11/22) a bd-9 in P58cac sold for 50,400. In may 2023, an N58*cac sold for 33,600, but I personally would have liked that coin much better as a 55 and the obv stars were weakly struck. Several months ago, Legend listed a PCGS 53cac for 29,500 and sold immediately, but I much preferred the appearance of this coin. There have been no other public auctions of CAC approved in AU grades, except for the present coin which I acquired from DW where it went cheap for 28,800. Prior to that, this coin actually sold for 30,500 in 06/2020 via GC, in a much weaker market.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, or additional photo requests. If this coin is still available at FUN, it will be on display at table 1131 (numismattack). Thanks for looking!


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