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How would you send a $1,000,000 card?

I was thinking the other day, when someone wins a big auction, where they spend, say, $1 million on a card - how does that card actually get to them? I'm assuming at that level, they either go get it directly or the auction house sends someone to them? But is that how it really works?

Now say it's a $150,000 card. What then? I know FedEx only insures up to $100,000, so mailing it is probably out. What's standard operating procedure for something of that value?


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    Most auction houses have private insurance that covers shipments of these types of cards, and the private insurance provider gives instructions on how to send items over a certain value. It could be overnight via a certain carrier or via USPS Registered Mail.

    A $1 million card would probably be shipped via Brinks or a similar type of carrier - or hand-delivered by the auction company.

    It really all depends on what the private insurance company dictates when sending high-value items.

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    I think I would spend $400 (or whatever it is) to fly round trip to deliver/pick up a 150K+ card. I mean I'm sure the person can afford it after selling/buying a card of that magnitude.

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    Plane or train would be my 2 options for something of that value. Not something I will ever worry about I am small time.

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    If I could afford a million $ card, much less a 150K card, think I could cover that base too. :smile:

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    Wouldn't be hard for somebody to figure out who won it, where they live, and bribe a mail carrier with $10k for your mail.

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    I sell $1M cards all the time. We, I think they’re worth $1M. Turns out the buyer only thinks it’s worth $4.99. Oh well.

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    you dont ship $1MM cards. You either get on a plane and hand deliver or hire an armored carrier to do so.

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