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1805 bust half with a large cud. Super interesting and a little frustrating (here's why)

opportunityopportunity Posts: 1,007 ✭✭✭✭

When I saw this, I couldn't snap it up fast enough. The cud on this variety is extremely rare and highly sought after. This is one of those frustrating things to where viewed by the naked eye, it looks basically gradeable and original enough. Only when you take the pics and use a loupe do you see the porosity over parts of the obverse. Now, being an early copper nerd, this doesn't bother me much at all. In fact, I greatly would prefer this problem over some cleaned coin or a dipped out circulated blast white coin any day, but that's just me.

Comment, enjoy, or hate it. The choice is yours.

Early American Copper, Bust and Seated.


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