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My Standing Lib Quarter Newp - Grade Now Revealed in Top Original Post

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edited March 10, 2023 9:14PM in U.S. Coin Forum

I recently picked this up. Guess the grade. I'll be out at a Gala tonight, but when I get home, I'll post the grade at that time as an edit to this original post. The color and luster of the coin in hand is like the slab photo. Unfortunately, luster is often tough to pick up in the True View.

Edit for the reveal: This lovely coin is a 65FH, w/CAC. There are THREE takeaways that may have caused virtually everyone to guess too high:

  1. Despite today’s technology with high resolution photos, there’s still nothing better than looking at a coin in hand, or having a trusted person look at the coin in hand for you.
  2. More importantly in this exercise, in my opinion for the incorrect guesses, is most of those guessing know that I typically have “high end” coins. That created a built in bias, kind of like the Emperor with no clothes. Yes, my SLQ FH DATE Set is ranked #3, and many of the 14 coins in that DATE set are 66+, and all 14 are FH and with a CAC. As such, when you saw a “nice” coin purchased by me, most assumed this coin was at the general level of my other coins, whether an SLQ, or some other coin of mine.
  3. People here are nice. Knowing the grades I typically buy, some viewers may have indeed thought the coin might have been a lower grade, but didn’t want me to feel bad if the coin I bought was graded 66FH or 66+FH, and they said it was not quite there.

The PCGS Registry FH DATE set does not require a 1917 Type 2 coin. For the 1917 slot in my set, I use a Type 1, 66+FH. When I saw this attractive 1917 Type 2 coin, with no toning, high luster, and with a CAC, I told myself it would be nice to have, even though it’s not part of any PCGS Registry Set for me.


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