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Unique dateless St. Gaudens pattern!

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Here's a dateless St. Gaudens trial piece I just ran across while searching USPatterns.com!

Check it out, it really has no date!

Are there any other pieces struck with this dateless obverse die?

It's struck on an oversize brass planchet and cataloged as JA1908-1 and P2011.

Also amazing is that Stack's donated it to the Smithsonian. Is there any additional info on this?


USPatterns.com said:

This is an undated trial piece struck, off-center, on an oversized brass planchet using the with motto reverse thus we list it in the Splasher section but Pollock chose not to.

The piece is unique and was donated by Stacks to the Smithsonian.

Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.


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