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FUN Show Report and a NEWP

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I couldn't make the show on Thur as I normally like to do, because of work in the morning and a medical procedure in the afternoon. But Friday was my day off, and I made the quick and uneventful hour drive over. My condolences to all those who suffered and persevered with all the airline issues!

Just before the 10am opening, there was virtually no line sign in (of course they had 3-4 lines to choose from!), so that was quick, and I stationed myself up close to the show entrance (there was a pretty big crowd spread out over the massive the lobby waiting for the opening). I made a mad dash down the stairs and straight to PCGS, where fortunately there was no line yet for submissions. Since I had my forms mostly filled out, they let me sit immediately at the long submission table, and not in their "lobby". After a little help finalizing the paperwork from the friendly staff, and switching my coins into their required flips and a couple signatures, I was on my way to the dealer bourse by 10:15. Which was good, as now there was a substantial line of submitters waiting.

I normally start in row 100, but because PCGS was in row 1200, I decided to start my searching in this last row. Which actually was fortuitous. A dealer friend from Florida who now is out of Colorado had his table moved back here, where he is normally much closer to the front and center. But he was still having a good show, in fact his most profitable, (though lower overall sales) ever, and he had a coin I was interested in. I didn't buy it then, because it wasn't one I needed, but was a substantial upgrade.

I was primarily looking at slabbed early walkers and large cents, with a few ganders at raw coins, as well as some gold and type coins. Even with a narrow list, the show is so vast, I never made it past row 300. And my only break was to see some of the forum guys at Winesteven's display at the informal, prearranged 2pm meeting time. It was a break well spent! Great meeting @PocketChange, @Floridafacelifter, @DeplorableDan, @2windy2fish, @winesteven, and @Catbert! And also the obligatory stop at Charmy's table @ThePennyLady - she is always so cool to chat with, and took a few minutes with me, even though it was "wine o'clock" by the time I made it to her tables LOL!

I kicked a few tires in my series, but there was surprisingly little to choose from - but of course I don't need much, what I do need is scarce, and I've grown increasingly more selective. And prices were generally stiff. One coin I was mildly interested in (it was in an old ANACS holder, and a shade lower grade than I wanted) label priced at $450, was a little on the high side for what it was - but when I asked for a best price, was quoted $475!
Perhaps more would have been available on Thur? Anyway, by 5pm, I had only bought one minor raw large cent for future sale, so I was really hoping my friend back in row 1200 was still there, and still had the coin I had liked. Fortunately he was, and he did.

My personal rambling observations: Dealers were very mixed in their reports. The ones with nicer slabbed stuff, and the wholesalers, seemed to be doing pretty well. Others with lots of raw coins and common stuff less so; one fellow I know quite well said that Wednesday (dealer day) was dead for them, and by late Friday, hadn't even covered expenses yet. Most of the actual transactions I witnessed were currency deals, and slabbed Morgans. My Colorado friend reported half dimes were hot - he was down to one, and he generally has a number of them on hand. Old holders - wow, lots of these! As there is now a market for these, I saw a fair number of dealers with selections of rattlers, fatty no line soap box NGC slabs, old white ANACS holders, and even one guy with a pile of ANACS photo grade Morgans all with date stamps of 1986/87.

My NEWP. This is the N-3 with the mid die state cud at star 6, as shown. It is the unique graded 63+ for the date. I got it for below 63 price guide, as my friend had got it in a deal and generally doesn't like copper. The price really jumps in 64, so I was happy that I was getting a good value.

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