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Post your alternative rookies!

We’re all collectors with various tastes and interests. Through these boards, my hobby knowledge has grown exponentially. There’s so much great material out there and sometimes all it takes is someone to shine a light on an item and then, most times, our fellow board members here seem to confirm what you already knew:

”Whoa, that’s awesome.”

So I thought a dedicated thread to some of the off the beaten path rookies from all walks of sport might be educational and fun for the eyes!

1979-80 Boston Celtics Team Issue - Larry Bird
A really cool item from his first season, these photos and stats sheets often littered the scorers table’s of the NBA in the pre digital days.

1947 Brooklyn Dodgers American Legion “Welcome Legionnaires” Premium - Jackie Robinson
There was a very well documented convention that year and the American Legion reserved an enormous section of Ebbets Field for the game; attendees received this souvenir featuring a very young Jackie.

1954 All Star Photo Pack - Ernie Banks
A beautiful shot of the baby faced face of the Cubs, the entirety of the set is star studded and also features an Al Kaline rookie, but Banks shot might be the best one.

1946 Propagandas Montiel - Stan Musial
It’s pretty amazing that a player of this caliber doesn’t have a conventional rookie until his fifth season (1948 Bowman) but this Cuban card predates it by two seasons. A very tough card to find, they even used a shot from his rookie season, as Stan became known for wearing the number 6.

1951 Wheaties Premium Photos - Mickey Mantle
The 1952 Topps is the most valuable and the 1951 Bowman is the first issued card but the title of lowest population rookie card, by far, belongs to this rare, beautiful 5x7 cereal premium.

Remember, any sport and any item is welcomed so let’s see the goods!!!

Curious about the rare, mysterious and beautiful 1951 Wheaties Premium Photos?




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