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So I'm wondering how some of my favorite coins are doing pricewise, and looking at my spreadsheet.

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Now I don't really have an interest in some serious selling, but I have an interest in how they are doing anyhow. I did some "sold" searches on ebay to see what some of the coin issues I hold were doing, pricewise.

The coins in question were mostly accumulated between 1986 and 2019 so it includes a wide range of date & denomination bullion coins - silver, gold, & platinum.

I haven't run any numbers on % gain or loss, but what I can say is that the baseline on precious metal coin issues has been trending up for quite some time, with one or two flat spots in 30 years or so.

Since I do track the bullion coins I own on a spreadsheet, I can get a good look at my original purchase price and I'm becoming more and more surprised to the upside with how the values of some of my coins has jumped from time to time.

In my opinion, a really good approach is to have a real budget for bullion accumulation, and to make it realistic. Over time, you will be glad you did.

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    I hope your coins have done as well as the Dow Jones or real-estate marked has done since 1986.

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    Over 30 years, cash in a bank savings account has increased.

    Why haven't you calculated gain or loss percentage? Should be quite easy if you already have the info in a speadsheet.

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    I started stacking gold many years ago, back when the price was $300-400 for 1 oz. gold. About twelve years ago, I sold some, and the profit cleared the cost of my significant investments. So I sit on stacks of pure profit. Cheers, RickO

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    I've held stocks, mutual funds, bond funds, tech stocks, investment real estate I did okay with real estate and some tech stocks - but most of the other assets never did squat. Been there, done that.

    Now, silver and gold bullion are something else. They tie directly into a primal survival instinct, justified or not. They aren't someone else's liability. They are also not under the control of a third party.

    I bought gold & silver mini-contracts on margin back in 1977-1980. When you're young, it exciting to use some intuition and luck and to take some risks - when the market you happen to be in kicks on the afterburners and takes off. It wouldn't surprise me to be seeing something similar happen before too long in precious much longer. I think silver is going for a ride pretty soon, and it might have already started, looking at recent silver market movements.

    We all have to start limiting our various risks. In my opinion, the financial system presents increasingly bigger risks to anyone within the system than anything else. And here comes some serious inflation. The most important challenge is simply to get out of debt ASAP, and stay there. It's not getting any easier to get out of debt, so the sooner the better for just about everyone.

    Try to get away from the system as much as is feasible - and to always use cash where possible. The Federal Reserve Bankers are really not our friends. Neither are their bought & paid-for politicians and their political cronies. A central bank digital currency is the worst threat we’ve had in anyone’s lifetime. George Orwell would be appalled.

    If I had to guess, I'd say that my precious metals have done as well or better than any of my other investments over time. I've had both poor returns and spectacular returns on some modern coins, most of it unrealized. Because I can distinguish between winners and losers cost-wise, I can effectively manage my tax liability as I sell coins into retirement.

    I highly recommend a regular program to accumulate ounces on a regular basis. Ricko knows what I’m talking about.

    I used to spend time trying to get a p & l number off my spreadsheet from time to time but there’s no need for that. As an estimate, I simply go on kitco’s bid prices for bullion. Many of my bullion coins have a numismatic premium now, so anytime I sell one, the premium is gravy over and above the spot price for bullion. I pick & choose what I sell by trying to liquidate coins that might be in a losing position to offset my gains, and finding those coins that are in a loss position is getting harder to do.

    You can do the same things with stocks and it’s easier to get that kind of real-time data, but I simply don’t need a big trading account with any big financial institution for totalizing purposes (or any other). It’s all fiat and paper in a manipulated game and I’m really, really, really not a fan of our financial system.

    Getting to know bullion and buying mostly bullion coinage, a lot of it is numismatically-related was a great tactic for me. It’s that simple. Which is why I’d recommend PMs for most people who can afford them.

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    I bought silver pound for pound when my kids were born. When the first was 5 and the second was 2, I quit as it became more imported to feed those two. Then sold it off from time to time for vacations and ski trips with the two little ones and my wife.
    To this day the kids remember those experiences and it was worth all the effort. We can't take it with us for sure and I didn't want to just leave it to them when I go. Wanted to share in my savings of the silver stuff. Even sold the last of it to buy into a partnership on a 60' houseboat on Lake Powell when the kids were 10 and 13. Had the boat for about 5 years and spent a lot of good times on that lake with those kids, their friends and their friends parents..
    Buy and hold is great if you have a plan for it. But don't forget to enjoy it, too!
    bob :)

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    Enjoy your gains while you are still able to do so. It's no good to you when you're six feet under.

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    I have owned MCD for over 20 years .

    It’s performed great and pays a good dividend that has grown its payout too.

    I also like their McRibs and fish sandwiches too.

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    I put a gold Saint in my type set back in 2007. It cost just under $1000. Recently sold for 1900. The graded specimen ( ms63) is about $2500 today. Rare coins ? No. Rare for a common man to hold ? Not as rare as some think.
    Even the US mint gold spouses had a huge premium out of the chute. Those half ounces have doubled despite their unpopularity.

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    The overwhelming majority of the bullion coins and “collectible bullion” coins I’ve owned since I cashed out of the stock market in 2006-2008 have done very well, and the bullion coins I’ve owned for 20 years or so have done even better.

    And they weren’t held in some big brokerage house or gov-controlled paper vehicle on my behalf. They were always accessible and accounted-for.

    I fully expect that they will continue to do very well, especially considering how fast our elected “representatives” are destroying what’s left of the country.

    Q: Are You Printing Money? Bernanke: Not Literally

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