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"GUNSMOKE" TV show episode. Coin displayed.


Not sure anyone else has seen/reported this. Episode titled "My Fathers Guitar" starring Beau Bridges. Son of Lloyd,brother of Jeff. About 28 mins. into story a 1921 Peace Dollar is displayed quickly. It is holed at the top with a chain or string attached. A character refers to it as a $20 (gold?) piece. 2 errors here. The story takes place long before 1921 and it is a silver dollar not a gold piece.

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    Haven't seen that one. Will have to check it out

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    Did Matt or Miss Kitty come from the future?

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    I rewound a bunch but tough to get a clear shot...doesn't look like a peace dollar to me with stars around the edge of the obverse. Looks more like a (imitation) Liberty $20.

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    A $20 gold from the era ...

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    At least two other "Gunsmoke" episodes show coins:

    Gunsmoke - The Treasure of John Walking Fox (1966)
    California Pioneer octagonal $50 gold "slug" coin

    Gunsmoke - Trail of Bloodshed (1974)
    Silver dollars and $20 gold coins including St. Gaudens coins


    The Mysterious Egyptian Magic Coin
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    Coins on Television

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    A lot of times prop money was used.

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    Need a pass on this one. Looks like I am in error. I only had a quick glimpse and did not have the capabilities of replay. Thought had discovered something new. Guess the eyes are not up to snuff. Guess I never could qualify as a grader. :)

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    Hard to tell the metallic composition from that picture... but design looks like the gold coin posted by @BillJones .... Cheers, RickO

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