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I think I'm going to retire, seriously

UtahCoinUtahCoin Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭✭✭

I think the time has come for me to call it quits. This is not an easy decision, I've spent the last 60 years involved one way or another in coins. I used to enjoy selling on eBay, but over the last 5 or so years eBay has sucked the fun (and profitability) out of selling there. The coin shows obviously took a big hit the last couple of years with Covid. At age 69 I'm slowing down physically and mentally with with what the Doc says is "Mild Cognitive Impairment". And finally, I'm just not having fun anymore.

It's time my wife and I start enjoying each other and spending time (and our children's inheritance) traveling. We plan on spending many months in Great Britain learning more about my 14th Great Grandfather, King James 4th.

I'll send a couple of hundred slabbed coins to Great Collections, some higher end coins to Heritage, some on the BST board, and lastly I'll set up at the Sandy, UT coin show in October. It's been a fun ride, I've learned a lot, and hopefully imparted a little knowledge and humor along the way. I'll still be around haunting the boards here that I have enjoyed for many years.
As Bob Hope once said, Thanks for the memories!

I used to be somebody, now I'm just a coin collector.
Recipient of the coveted "You Suck" award, April 2009 for cherrypicking a 1833 CBHD LM-5, and April 2022 for a 1835 LM-12, and again in Aug 2012 for picking off a 1952 FS-902.


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