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NEWP - A Dream Coin Acquisition (For Me) - 1910 Proof Nickel

FlyingAlFlyingAl Posts: 2,479 ✭✭✭✭✭

I recently was able to take some of the funds that I had left over from selling other parts of my collection that not longer fit in and also some older currency that had little to no premium (I sold the items that had a premium), and I wanted to consolidate it into a coin that I had wanted for some time and really liked. A proof Liberty Nickel was the obvious choice - it was within budget, I could get a nicer grade, and I really liked the design. With that said - I had a few guidelines.

1) The coin must be attractive for the grade - no obvious spotting or negative eye appeal.
2) The coin must have contrast on either the obverse or reverse, preferably both.
3) The coin must have some originality to it- I wanted a coin that appeared to be undipped, with some nicer color or even tone to it.
4) The coin must be reasonably priced.

I originally had my heart set on a nice 1883 No Cents example, but I realized that that date didn't quite offer what I was truly looking for - at least not within budget. I quickly branched out to include any date. This yielded more options - but I quickly narrowed down what I would say was a few thousand coins over time. I had been searching for an example for months, and hadn't found an example that I liked. I stumbled upon the piece I purchased after doing a deep dive of eBay the day I knew my budget (not quite sure how I had missed it before). It wasn't an impulse purchase in the way where you don't know what you were looking for, but it was an impulse purchase in the way of how is this coin still for sale?

Many coins had very attractive obverses, but the reverses were downright negative in eye appeal - often spotted and distracting, or they were blast white and were missing that element of originality I desired. Finally, as I was running out of dates to look at, this amazing 1910 popped out. It had everything, and I mean that. The originality pops in hand. Booming contrast, and no distractions.

After I purchased the coin, I went to GC and went through past sales of Liberty Nickels in proof. I didn't find a coin that I would buy over this one if it was offered to me. I'm glad I stuck to my guidelines and found this coin, as they say, buy the best you can afford. Well, without further ado, here's the coin, in a PCGS PR65 holder. A quick note - some light spots showed up under my two lamps that I use for photography, which allows for better pictures but in this case highlighted something that barely appears in hand. I knew where to look and I can barely see it with a loupe under my one light that I use.


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