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Hi i was weighing out quarters an came across a couple of 1980 p an was weighing them one came out to be 5.6 for second then to 5.5 mine doesn't do the hundredth.. Then i throw the second one on an its 6.1 an drops to 6 theres nothing wrong with the coin looks in good condition.. Its also looks a whole lot thicker an it has more crisp looking edges instead of rounded..





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    Lots of views and no comments. Perhaps someone plated it. Not likely that the Mint had that slip through if your weight is correct. That would just be a guess.
    bob :)

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  • Thanks a lot Bob!!

  • You think someone plated my coin>

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    @Sonnydew420 said:
    You think someone plated my coin>

    No... you have a planchet anomaly.... why are you spamming every forum?

    You keep asking everyone else what it is...
    What do you think it is?
    What research have you done?
    What is your hypothesis?

    What makes you think it is something besides a quarter? Why do you think the quartet you have would have a higher value?

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    @Sonnydew420 ... You have your answer, from professionals on other forums. Please accept the fact that it is minted on slightly thicker stock and there is NO numismatic premium. Cheers, RickO

  • Well first off a quarter should weigh 5.67 with a tollarance off .222 so even with a thick planchet that still wouldn't be at 6 grams an that's with all the wear on the coin too.. no one has given me answers I'm waiting for ppl to get back to me was a holiday weekend.. an I don't know what I have but I know I have something cause he honestly has anyone ever found one an it's definitely a better looking coin then the quarters they were making in the 80s.. I think I might have a forgien wrong planchet error..

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    Weight should be 5.67 with a tolerance of +/- 0.227 low end 5.443 high end 5.897

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    You have gotten the correct answer. If your scale is accurate then it is slightly out of mint weight tolerance, but not enough to add any value. If you don't agree, then spend your money and send it to PCGS for attribution.

  • Ok but technically isn't a thick rolled coin a error?

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    @Sonnydew420 said:
    Ok but technically isn't a thick rolled coin a error?

    Sure, it could be considered an error if outside of mint tolerance.

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