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I have a 1900, 1893 and an 1889 Morgan Silver Dollars. How do is their value determined?

I received these coins from my grandfather 49 years ago. I took them to a coin dealer and he told me there were two minted S and one P. He offered that they were not CC which are those that are sought after. So in essence they were worthless,


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    Welcome to the forum! :)

    Photos would be needed to help us give you an idea of value.

    You may not be able to post photos until you are an approved member and that could take a day or two.
    If your photos are on a photo hosting site you should be able to add a link.

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    If a dealer tells you that a Morgan Dollar is "worthless" then you should avoid any further contact with that dealer. If you have, in fact, owned those coins for the past 49 years they are unlikely to be counterfeits. Most counterfeit Morgan Dollars have been produced from the mid-1990's to the present.

    Morgan Dollars, even common dates, bring significant premiums over silver value.

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    Whatever you do leave them as they are. Do not clean them as that ruins any collector value (or greatly diminishes it). Hope one S in the 1893. Condition is key as well as where they were minted. Once you determine the date and mintmark you can look on ebay for completed sales to get an idea of value. Compare the ones sold to your looking carefully at condition. Here is a link to condition grading: https://www.pcgs.com/photograde#/Morgan/Grades
    bob :)

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    2. They are not worthless as they will always have silver value.
    3. Some are more valuable than others. Post the best photos you can when you are able, and we'll take it from there.
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    @irishbuniee ... Welcome aboard. Your coins, if authentic, are not worthless. When you can, post or link pictures. We will be happy to help you. Cheers, RickO

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    I'm going to assume the S mint coins are the 1889 and the 1900.
    1893-P is a better date
    1889-S is a better-ish date

    No dealer should tell you that those two are "essentially worthless" which I assume he meant 'worth the value of silver'. And the 1900-S is at the very least worth whatever bid is for a cull Morgan.

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    https://pcgs.com/coinfacts is an excellent reference.

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    Take a picture and plug it into a jpeg favorable site like photo bucket or imgur and share here.

    Even low grade Morgans are worth $35-$45. Better dates such as the 1893 Morgan goes up in value a lot with grade. Pawn shops and some coin dealers who lack integrity will lie and talk down coins trying to manipulate you into selling below wholesale prices. I know one person who walked into a pawn shop with a pickle jar of Morgan dollars and was only given face value.

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    Welcome aboard. Great advice above. Please do not clean the coins.

    If your coins are a grade called Good 4, which is pretty worn down, here are the values from the PCGS Price Guide, a free tool on our host's site. The prices are retail, and not always completely accurate, but they are a good place to start.

    There are 3 possibilities based on what you have told us:

    1889 - P, 1893 - S, 1900 - S values: $36, $2575, $37
    1893 - P, 1889 - S, 1900 - S values: $195, $55, $37
    1900 - P, 1889 - S, 1893 - S values: $36, $55, $2575

    Shown below is a typical Morgan Dollar Good 4 grade coin taken from PCGS Photograde, another tool our hosts provide for free.

    As stated before, pictures would really help. Your coins are not worthless, they have silver, collectible and heirloom value. Good luck.

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    It is not possible to provide any worthwhile information based on the info provided.

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    at minimum they are silver. any silver coin's value has a minimum value of silver content.

    if they are in decent condition, value will be well above silver value. you really want an 1893-S...

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