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Green Morgan

PedzolaPedzola Posts: 988 ✭✭✭✭✭

Anyone who has followed my posts here will know I am a gold type collector. So this green and blue toned Morgan is outside my wheelhouse.

A couple weeks ago I stopped by the local coin shop and my guy had a few neat toners to show me. Not usually my thing but thought they could make for some good photography practice. Having a long-standing relationship at the shop he offered to let me borrow a few coins to shoot.

After handling this one it felt like a keeper, and I purchased the coin.

My only Morgan (for now). The color is amazing in hand. I have seen a lot of rainbow morgans but this mottled blue and green seems unusual? Amazing luster and the colors are wild in hand. I need a little more time with lighting to fully capture it. Old green holder compliments the coin!

I guess I am a toner guy now?


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