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Did Anyone Buy Anything Out Of The Storck Masonic Sale Today?

tokenprotokenpro Posts: 834 ✭✭✭✭✭

The engraved on coins, overlays and other special pieces did very well (but not earth shattering) while the individual silvers, chapter sets, etc. underwhelmed or did mostly as expected while helped along by the bidding rules. The bulk lots from individual states varied greatly based somewhat on the size of the lot but 90% or so stayed within the current medium to high wholesale / low retail range. The largest lots from IL, NY, PA, OH lagged with some lots going around $3.50 per or less. AK & HI did well of course as did many of the Western and Southern states

There were plenty of bargains among the Eastern Canadian, African & European lots while the limited Central & South American groups did better. The Philippines went crazy with an 11 piece lot bringing almost $2000 while examples from two different Manila chapters brought $960@. There were bargains amongst the other Asian offerings. The sale was arranged/lotted best for emerging collectors or dealers; the advanced state collector without a ready outlet was squeezed the most.

Lastly, the contrast in styles of the four young auctioneers was actually more interesting that many of the lots (although I did not spot a Bob Merrill-in-the-making as yet).


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