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Bad experience with Zurqieh_Dubai

LaddersoarLaddersoar Posts: 2

I’ve read some other complaints about zurqieh_dubai, unfortunately it wasn’t until after I had purchased from him.

Negotiated with him on a bronze coin he valued at $500, I still ended up paying over retail but I had hoped it would go towards building a positive relationship with the seller.

He shipped the coin in a plain envelope with no padding across the world. Coin was damaged pretty badly because of it.

On top of the damage (which wouldn’t have happened if he’d sent it in appropriate packing, he charged $10 for shipping by the way) the reports of him applying fake patina appear to be true.

Live and learn. Be cautious buying from him. I believe he buys coins at lower prices then marks them up heavily after applying a coat of patina.


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