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Who pays to display a collection like Tyrant?

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One of the most amazing collections is the Tyrant Collection by Dan O'Dowd.

I've been amazed by this collection over the years.

  • Top coins
  • Incredible physical display
  • Great website
  • Multi TPG
  • No pedigree on holders

Which brings me to a question. How much does it cost to display a collection like this, with security and all, and who pays for it? Does Dan have a team that moves these coins around and sets up displays for him? I can imagine that he can do it given that he runs a company that presumably sets up exhibits at trade shows.

Who ever does it, it's an incredible effort and much thanks for doing it!

Here are some photos over the years by forum members, with more of a focus on the display than the coins themselves.

Feb 2018 by @ThePennyLady:


Jun 2018 by @TommyType:


Jan 2022 by @PCGS_SocialMedia:


Feb 2022 by @Justacommeman:



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