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John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Engraved Coin with dated Letter...

The faded paper document is actually John Adam's writing in date: June 29, 1787. I have transcribed the letter from


London June 29, 1786 TO JOHN LAMB


The importance of peace with the Algerians and the other inhabitants of the coast of Barbary, to the United States, renders it necessary that every information which had been obtained, should be laid before Congress.

And as the demands of the redemption of captives, as well as the amount of customary presents are so much more considerable than seem to have been expected in America, it appears to us necessary that you should return without LOTS OF TIME(Ben Franklin) to New York there to give an account to congress of all the particulars which have come to your knowledge, as well as your own proceedings, and of the monies which have been paid in account of the United States, in consequence of your draughts upon their Minister in London.

from Congress when you arrive there you will rescue Orders for your future government and in the meantime are have no further occasion for your services in Europe.

If you know of a certain passage immediately from any port in SPAIN, we advise you to avail yourself of it: if not, we think it most advisable for you to come to Paris, from thence after having consulted with M. Jefferson, to repair with L. Orient(the Middle/Far East.) and embark for New York in the first Packet(a travel bag containing clothing, nightwear and other accessories.)—as the instructions we send to M. Randall are to come on to Paris on his way to America unless he should chuse to accompany you from some Port in SPAIN, we advise you to furnish him with money for his expenses to Paris and London, out of the cash already in your hand(s), and are recommending to him as well as to you all reasonable attention to economy.

We are for your most obedient humble servants

London June 29. JOHN ADAMS


My INTERPRETATION: Identity and Directional Coin
KB= Knighted Brother English Term synonymous with London and the Order of the Bath.
The first Continental Congress was 1774, the date of the coin.
Lamb has been sent the coin when he consults with Jefferson who engraves KB. So the next recipient of the coin knows Jefferson traced it to London…having a chain of confirmation and new destination(Paris or London). “Having consulted with M Jefferson…As the instructions we send to M Randall…”So M Randall would know who to trust, and where to Go. Randall will Recognize John Lamb by watching out for the first packet from the Middle East: first man off the ship: “in the first Packet(a travel bag containing clothing, nightwear and other accessories.)—as the instructions we send to M. Randall are to come on to Paris on his way to America “. Like Identification for your Allies. Like: remember that letter I sent, you can trust this guy M Randall and he can trust you. Furthermore after Randall recognizes Lamb, the coin represents the date of the letter, and “Furnish(trust) him with the cash already In your hand… recommending to him as well as you to pay reasonable attention to economy.”But most importantly It’s a spanish coin “From some port in Spain”

KB being a reference to London from whence the letter was sent and “His expenses to Paris and London”. More than a coincidence so that John Lamb could trust M Randall upon meeting without having seen him. Like An Identity Coin. See how New York and America are out of place and out of context, they are to be deleted in the reading of the letter, and are meant to confuse any superfluous readers. It IS A CODED LETTER! How could M Randall accompany Lamb from some port in Spain if he was embarking to New York? Especially if Jefferson and Adams “ think it most advisable for you to come to Paris,” How could he be embarking to New York? They are meant to leave from Spain, “Paying reasonable attention to economy” and Go to KB, London, as Jefferson engraved on the coin.


BY looking at the lettering in “We The People…” of The Constitution it appears from the ornate curvature, and the petal markings above and below the KB that Jefferson was involved as well.

Just because the coin is dated June 29, and Thomas Jefferson dated July 7, does not mean it is impossible for Him to have worked on the coin. Remember it has to travel overseas after it had been engraved by Adams.


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