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Provenance vs Pedigree

DrDarrylDrDarryl Posts: 571 ✭✭✭✭✭

I've been reading several entries as it relates to provenance and pedigree on the US Coin Forum.

I required clarification of these two terms for an upcoming US numismatic presentation (Money Talks). I did not find any good numismatic sources that could explain the differences as it applies to US numismatics, so I made the effort to clarify these two terms.

Term "provenance"

Term "pedigree"

Clarifying "provenance"

Clarifying "pedigree"

Examples of pedigree

Pedigree is easier to prove than provenance. Both provide a "wow" factor for the specimen at hand. However, proving provenance is a difficult task for a collector and for a numismatist it is a challenge.

There are ways to establish provenance rather quickly. In these examples, I purchased the items (plural) from the estate of a politician. Items redacted for privacy.

Another provenance example. This from another estate sale.


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