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My Box of 21: 1888 Mint Set

brianc1959brianc1959 Posts: 303 ✭✭✭✭✭

A few years ago I saw a nice 1888 gold dollar and 1888 MS65 red IHC that fit in my type set. I think it was a Heritage auction, and back in those days a normal person could still win auctions - so I did! At the time it occurred to me that 1888 would make a good mint set (year set?) candidate because all 21 of the coins were obtainable in mint state for a reasonable price. Some other plusses:

  • Lots of gold (10 coins, $86.50 face value)
  • Lots of denominations (13)
  • Lots of type coins (in my case currently 1c, 25c, gold 1$, 3$)
  • A number of low-mintage coins (25c, 50c, $2.5, $3, $5)
  • One pseudo-rarity ($5)
  • Did I mention, lots of gold?

On the minus side:

  • No CC mintmarked coins
  • Does not fit into a box of 20 :'(

This past fall I completed the set with a 3 dollar gold piece, which I also needed for my type set:


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