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Let's Have Some Year-End 2021 Fun With A Giveaway!

mr1931Smr1931S Posts: 5,757 ✭✭✭✭✭

I picked up two $25 boxes of pennies today from my bank.

The closest guesses to within plus or minus ten of the total wheaties that I find will be eligible to receive the giveaway
prize which is about $50 retail value of some duplicate wheaties that I would part with. One entry per person please. Just indicate the number for your guess in a post. Also include your guess for the oldest wheatie that I will find out of the 5000 coins. The last two 5000 coin penny groups I searched yielded an 1896 for the first group and a 1916 for the second group. Correctly guessing the date of the oldest wheatie will serve as the final determiner of who gets the Lincoln cent prize for this giveaway. I'll be searching the 100 rolls over the next few days. Guess carefully. No edited posts will be accepted as valid guesses.

Example guess: 42-1935. That's 42 wheaties found, oldest dated 1935. Easy contest. Any questions just ask.



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