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Coin Photography - Trouble with Slab Shots

PedzolaPedzola Posts: 988 ✭✭✭✭✭

I have been pretty happy with my ability to get decent photos of coins (gold, specifically). I have learned to polish slabs, adjust lighting, and use my basic copy stand setup (purchased from rmpsrpms here on the forum) to get shots I'm happy with.

But I struggle mightily with getting whole-slab photos. I havent ever been able to get a slab shot that I'm completely happy with. Just cant beat reflections and still get a decent image. Have tried all manner of different lighting, bulbs, angles, diffusion, camera settings, and post processing.

My copy stand and lens unfortunately don't support full slabs, i can't focus wide enough to get the whole thing. So I have been using a different tripod and normal 18-55 lens on my canon. I can zoom in enough to get decent resolution but just cant get a good picture.

Any tips? Here are some of my favorite more recent photos. The coins look great in these pics (in my humble opinion), but the slabs come out all wrong. This format is nice but I would like to have full slab shots that I'm happy with as well. You can see I struggle with the labels in making these composite images!

Maybe I'm making it too complicated?


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